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2) The information contained below comes from the private research team of Peter Phillips, an independent health care researcher since 1994. Peter and his team started the research upon a condition called "inadequate personality" (Francoeur, Perper Scherzer, 1991). The foundation of this condition is related to how men feel a sexual inadequacy related to penis size. This initial round of research led Peter's team to uncover methods of penile enhancement that man has been utilizing since the dawn of time. (some of them you don't want to know about mind you) Due to Peter's independent status, he can share this information with you as he has no authority restricting the sharing of this wonderful information.

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Some of my customers relate to my research as a manual which is not far off. Yet, this is six years of my independent research given to you in the form of a work-out program. It includes a daily schedule outlining that days exercises allowing you to track your progress. My program will support you through the information to assist you in completing my tailored 8-week penis enhancement program.

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I sometimes get asked my research is not available in bookstores. Simple. This is my independent research and I know that the Internet is the fastest way to communicate. The main benefit for utilizing the Internet, is that I can ensure that you get the pure facts of my independent research. No publisher, no business dealings. I want my information given to you complete and intact, that is all! (I am a purist - what can I say).

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