Now, a chocolate that guarantees an orgasm!


Do you think that having sex is a mandate to attain orgasm? Think again, for here are chocolates that will help you experience heightened sensations without indulging in love-making.
Scientists have now developed chocolates that will not only satisfy the taste buds, but will help men and women experience orgasm without having sex!

"The chocolate is a concept that might be something you could take instead of Viagra," Dr.Trudy Barber of University of Canterbury in Kent and a specialist in Internet sex was quoted by The Sun, as saying.

Sex chemical phenyl ethylamine , which is related to dopamine and adrenalin, will be a significant ingredient of these chocolates.

"The orgasm from chocolate should be as good as a real one. But the sex act burns off calories, so you will gain pleasure and pounds. Many women say they feel good after eating chocolate. How will they feel after a bar that tastes great and makes them feel good?" Sun GP Dr Carol Cooper was quoted as saying. (ANI)

Last modified: October 17, 2017

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