How It Works

It’s not a secret that the quality of erection straightly depends on the quality of the blood circulation in the genital area. Decreased blood flow may be the result of smoking, poor diet, elderliness, lack of physical exercise or even sedentary lifestyle. The natural ingredients of Male Extra male enhancement pills (Yohimbe, Maca, Tongcat Ali and others) help to clear the blood vessels in and around the penile body thus increasing the blood flow towards it. This results in the significant enhancement of general sexual performance and stamina, harder and more lasting erections, increased sperm production and better orgasms. It also improves the general physical performance, which is closely entwined with sexual potential. Let’s take a little anatomy lesson to understand how Male Extra penis enhancement supplement works…

The body of your penis consists of three separate cavernous chambers – two large ones at the top (Corpora Cavernosa) and a smaller one (Corpus Spongisum) on the bottom of the penile body. When you feel sexual desire, your brain releases special hormones that increase the blood flow towards your penis thus making Corpora Cavernosa get filled with blood, increase in size and go stiff. Corpus Spongisum is a tubular structure, through which you ejaculate. So, the more contaminated are the blood vessels in your genital area, the worse is the erection you get.

Male Extra male enhancement supplement doesn’t only clear up the blood vessels – it also stimulates the cell growth in Corpora Cavernosa, thus making your penis increase in size and be able to take in more blood! Believe it or not, but our multi-action formula is capable not only of enhancing your sexual performance but also of making your organ get bigger!

Male Extra male enhancement supplement makes it all possible – and it makes it all possible in as short time as it’s only possible!

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