Hoodia Gordonii Side Effects, Uses, Claims, and More

hoodia supplementsBeing in my mid 50's and past menopause, plus having hypothyroidism, I noticed that I was gaining weight, although my diet was sensible and I was leading a pretty active lifestyle. First two pound, then four, and eight. Soon I had put on 20 extra pounds, and at only 5 feet tall, I became concerned. Other over-the-counter diet aids were out of the question, due to the hypothyroidism.

When a friend suggested Hoodia from https://hoodia.site, I researched it and discovered that it had nothing artificial that would prove harmful. Doubtful that anything would stop the slow, steady weight gain, I gave it a try, and for over 6 weeks, I maintained my weight without gaining even one more pound. My appetite was suppressed and I was able to restrict my calorie intake without any difficulty. With the adjustment of my thyroid medication, and with the continued use of Hoodia, I am starting to see real results.

It is great that there is a product that is so effective and natural, without any of the side effects usually associated with diet aids. Thank you, Hoodia Diet Sense 750!

Having always been very slender as a teenager and young adult, I realized that my weight had been increasing over the last few years, and when I quit smoking, my appetite ruled me. With the decreased metabolism brought on by a sedentary lifestyle, combined with the added urge to eat, my weight climbed. When my mother recommended Hoodia Gordonii, I decided to give it a try.

To my surprise, my huge appetite was curbed after only a few days, and when I began a daily exercise program, the extra weight started coming off.

After several weeks, I am 15 pounds lighter, and my energy level and outlook on life is much better. Hoodia Diet Sense is really the basis for a healthier lifestyle and weight management.

Jaana Louise

I love this stuff! I was using H57 for about four months and noticed it does curb appetite, but wasn't seeing any results. So I switched to Hoodia Gordonii. I just love it! Already I've lost four pounds, and I'm not even trying! I had my last baby at 38 and went from a size 8 to a size 12/14!! I have not been able to lose the extra 40 pounds, but I think I'm on my way now! I'll be back for more, so I hope you continue with ebay.

Thanks again for the wonderful service!


Hi. I just wanted to tell you that I received the Hoodia Gordonii. They are amazing!!! 

It has absolutely curbed my appetite. My husband tried them and he's a junk food junkie, and for the first time in a long time, he didn't snack and felt no cravings for carbs. 

He wants me to order a few more bottles.

Gail C.

Hoodia grown in the wild is a protected species. In the Kalahari Desert, special farms and plantations are now growing hoodia for commercial use. These are heavily regulated by the South African government and a special license is required to buy and export hoodia called a CITES Certificate.

If a manufacturer of hoodia does not have a CITES certificate and/or a license to export hoodia then he does not have "Certified" South African Hoodia.

Only Hoodia grown in the special climate and conditions of the Kalahari has the high levels of the potent P57 molecule within the stem "core" to effectively suppress appetite and increase energy levels.

So far, only the Gordonii species has been found to have the active component. So if you buy cheap hoodia that is grown in Mexico, Texas or from China it has NOT be proven to be as effective. You must look for a manufactures CITES Export Certificate to be sure you are getting the best.